Skin Care

While it is possible to get a healthy skin at home, many people are turning to skin care professionals as they need extra help. A treatment that they often treat is a basic facial. But anyway, what is the face? Although the name is modest, treatment can really benefit your skin because it is adapted to the skin type of each hundred individuals. Keep reading to look deeply into this popular spa therapy.

What is facial care?

A basic facial is a skin treatment that cleans the pores, destroys dead skin cells, and treats specific skin concerns with a special mask. This multi-stage process is to rejuvenate and nurture the faces and make the skin look healthier and younger. There is also a popular spa practice to pamper and relax with a massage.

What happens during facial treatment?

Each face begins with a consultation that helps the esthetician determine the right products for your skin type and concerns. Once identified, the relaxing section begins! The most basic faces include some versions of the following five steps:

Skin Cleaning

Estheticians massage a cleanser to the face, neck and décolleté area to remove make-up and dirt traces. Using warm water paired with a facial sponge, cloth or cotton pad, the cleaner removes the dry faces and evaluates the skin. This step helps determine what special masks will be applied later.

Skin Softening

Depending on the speek you visit, your aesthetic can open up dead skin cells with a peeling cream or scrubbing and / or steam.

Black Spot Cleaning

This is done to remove pores that are clogged with excess oil or dead skin cells that can create blackheads and pimples. Estheticians will perform the extraction manually or with a special metal tool.


A face typically also includes a facial massage (and usually the upper body) that can be used to improve lymphatic drainage.

Masks and more

The aestheticians then apply a special mask, perhaps a clay-based mask, to treat greasy or moisturizing for relief. If it is a hundred days, it results in serum, moisturizer and sun cream.

How long does face treatment last?

The simplest face treatment lasts 60 minutes.

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